IoT City – YIWU

Inspired by the history of Neo Glory, we conceived the circle to be the core of a large scale jewel, the city prototype as a precious object, beautiful as well as high quality. A circle becomes the symbol for the new state of city making logistics which is defined by forever-flowing streams of goods and people, a kind of round about of trade.

The circle is the heart of the city district, both its core space as well as its core logistics system: its layering creates a vertical hierarchy connecting environmental systems, mobility systems, trade and leisure.

The different sectors of this city prototype are represented here as petals of a flower like jewel: large scale trading halls, fabrication and demonstration sites, city production sites, start up incubators, global internet trading offices,  public facilities for education and health care.

The city jewel is not only a prototype, it is also an incubator aimed at demonstrating city production methods for large scale infrastructure, systems and city growth in the age of digitalisation.